5 Places To Visit Before 25

Now that I have just turned 25, I have realised that travelling…it is important to travel and there are many places that you would not be able to go to when you are older either because it requires a lot of physical endurance and come old age you are not able to bare it.

So i have compiled a list of places which I have been that I think are places YOU should visit before turning 25!

1.Machu Picchu: Trek the inca trail-if I can do it, you can do it!


2. Cappadocia, Turkey- The underground city in Cappadocia is a must visit and it is difficult for older people to crouch and walk to explore it.


3.Paris, France- Just because you should be young and involve to visit the City of LoveIMG_7327

4.Cinque Terre, Italy- lots of trekking and walking is involved in the 5 villages.


5.Prague, Czech Republic- In this beautiful city, the streets are all cobblestones so it is inappropriate to wear high heels or for the elderly.



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